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Nestled on the periphery of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Red Earth Tadoba is a laid-back resort exuding rustic charm. Embraced by an untouched forest cover spreading over 15 spectacular acres, Tadoba lets you get intimate with the natural world. A babbling tributary of the Andhari river meanders through the resort, inviting you in, in its cool waters. Beautiful native birds serenade you every inch of the way. Locals from the Gond Tribe, born naturalists and keepers of the secrets of the jungle, introduce you to an unequivocal Tadoba experience.

Red Earth Tadoba blends sustainability with comfort. Our cottages are planned around the existing vegetation to mingle seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness. They are built using a combination of locally sourced traditional and modern materials. We are committed to resource conservation, training and employment of the local community and in giving you an experience which is as close to nature and home as possible. We are peddlers of a slower, more deliberate pace of life, one that lets you rediscover the joy in doing nothing.


Committed to responsible, sustainable tourism, we work in consonance with the local Gond Tribe to ensure that ecology and the local community come first.